Another in a series of articles highlighting jobs installed by our customers using SRN-supplied material.  If you’d like us to consider one of your jobs in a future article, give us a shout, or send an email!

South Riding Nurseries has partnered with Dittmar Corporation for many years now. Their latest project is an apartment complex in north Arlington scheduled to open this spring. SRN had the opportunity to supply both Techo-Bloc wall materials and all plant material for the project. The finished retaining wall will be featured in the next Techo-Bloc catalog. We shipped the Techo-Bloc materials at the end of October 2018, with Dittmar completing the wall the second week in December. Two of three phases of plantings were completed before Christmas with the third and final phase in late January 2019.

Our Techo-Bloc rep Jeff Taphouse met the first Techo-Bloc truck on site and spent the time to demo to the installers how to lay the product. SRN rep John Biche was also on site almost every week throughout the process to check on progress, answer questions, and get the next truck rolling. We bid the plant material almost a year in advance and were able to acquire almost all of it before installation. With the exception of two minor substitutions due to availability, the project was completed as envisioned by the landscape architect.

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