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Delivery is available to customers on a scheduled basis for a fee. Rates are determined based on delivery location and size of load. The map at right may be used as a general guide to our delivery fees, but please call for a quotation as delivery fees are subject to change without notice. Customers are required to provide necessary labor and equipment to unload all deliveries in a timely fashion. Excessive delays will be subject to additional charges.

NOTE:  Effective 28 March 2002, we are increasing our delivery rates due to rapidly rising fuel costs over the past few weeks.  These rates will remain in place until fuel prices lower back to early 2022 levels.

Our standard delivery charges per truckload are:

  • Zone 1, $115
  • Zone 2, $140
  • Zone 3, $190
  • Zone 4, $275
  • Zone 5, $310
  • Outside zone 5, quote only, $350 minimum in Virginia; $350 minimum in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
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