Another in a series of articles highlighting jobs installed by our customers using SRN-supplied material.  If you’d like us to consider one of your jobs in a future article, give us a shout, or send an email!

This job started with a quote (Chateau De Lune) back in August 2018 for  SRN client Grow Landscapes.  As the new home construction was winding down in September, I was given a revised version of the original quote. Paulo, the owner of Grow Landscapes had asked me to start getting material ready.  They wanted to start the following week.  I looked over the quote and with the help of our buying team, we broke it down to several direct shipments and deliveries from our yard.

The initial shipment to Great Falls of sixteen large crapemyrtles and eight mid-sized Juniperus ‘Hetzi Columnaris’ hit at the end of September. Grow started working on the outside perimeter with these and fifty large Green Giant arborvitae we direct-shipped from our vendor to the jobsite. As the job progressed, we started shipping in the mix of smaller material with deliveries from our yard and a direct shipment of almost 300 Green Velvet Boxwoods. All along we had great communication with Grow and their client The Building Group with respect to delivery days and estimated delivery times.

As with many jobs, we accommodated last minute add-on shipments to Grow’s client, after Paulo’s approval for us to work with directly with them. As you can see by the pictures the finished job is absolutely amazing. It was wonderful to work with these great companies and from our standpoint we love seeing a the progress of a project from beginning to end.


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