Another in a series of articles highlighting jobs installed by our customers using SRN-supplied material.  If you’d like us to consider one of your jobs in a future article, give us a shout, or send an email!

This recent job was undertaken by BrightView/Alexandria for a commercial office client in McLean.  The project was to screen a new five-storey parking garage by integrating various new evergreen plantings into the existing established woodline.

Materials supplied included twenty-six Ilex בNellie R. Stevens’, 12 ft; eight Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’, 14 ft; ten Juniperus virginiana, 14 ft; and twenty-six flats of Euonymus fortunei ‘Coloratus’, along with low-profile waterbags, stakes, wire, and guying hose.

SRN direct-shipped the hollies in two tractor-trailer loads from our vendor in the Carolinas while the remaining material came from our Bristow yard over the course of four deliveries.  Due to the weekday use of the office complex, deliveries could only be accomplished on Saturdays, and our time schedule was compressed due to the unavailability of shipping during one weekend from Hurricane Florence’s assault on the Carolinas.

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