Another in a series of articles highlighting jobs installed by our customers using SRN-supplied material.  If you’d like us to consider one of your jobs in a future article, give us a shout, or send an email!

This project was a street tree planting in conjunction with Metro’s Silver Line Station in Tysons.  The job was initially quoted in the fall of 2017.  Matt Teese worked closely with the Brightview to provide competitive pricing and availability for this job, and encouraged them to make a commitment as quickly as possible with the shortage of larger caliper and matching Platanus.  The order was secured and after pictures from the grower were approved, Bruce traveled to North Carolina and personally tagged these trees over the winter to insure the best matching trees were secured to exceed our customer’s expectations.  The trees were shipped in two deliveries direct to the site over a two week period in early spring which provided a cost saving to the customer and added the benefit of reducing the number of times the trees needed to be handled.    Matt Teese inspected the trees with Brightview upon their arrival and offered tips from his years of landscaping experience to help aid in the installation.  Water bags were added to this order to help keeps these trees hydrated as the acclimate to their new home.  There was also extensive soil preparation done for each of the tree pits to help ensure long term success of this planting that will be providing shade in the future and a more attractive streetscape for drivers, pedestrians, and Metro riders.

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